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Newbury Boat Company Ltd.
Ham Manor Marina
London Road
RG14 2BP
Phone: 01635 42884
Mobile: 07810 501045


We are ‘Riparian Owners’ of Ham Manor Marina, (which means we own the river bank) so boats are not required to hold a BW License while moored within this Marina.

The advantage for our moorers is you have a much wider choice of license available to you than simply having to purchase a license for the whole year.

We are agents for BW licenses and Gold licenses, so can talk you through the options available and you can choose the best one for the amount you expect to use the boat within the year.

As an example: (N.B. prices will change throughout 2012 please ask for up to date prices)

For a 50ft narrow boat paying the full cost in one instalment options as of 1st January 2012 are:

If you will use he boat extensively, including a number of weeks on the Thames and or other Environment Agency rivers, including The Nene and Great Ouse it may be worth considering getting a Gold License. They are for a year’s duration and only start from 1st January each year. Cost for 50ft £963.00

If you will use the boat for more than six months of the year primarily on B.W. canals and rivers you will require an annual license. Cost for 50ft with the prompt payment discount £667.51 per annum.

If you will only use the boat during the summer months for example from April to September, you may decide to go for a six month license. Cost for 50ft including the prompt payment discount £453.91.

If you will only use the boat for three months during the year, a three month license may be an option, but the pro-rata costs are much higher. Cost for 50ft including the prompt payment discount £320.40.

If you don’t leave the Marina often during the year, you can see you can make substantial savings by selecting a license appropriate to you. Please remember, this is not applicable to all marinas, our situation is quite unusual as Riparian Owners. Please call Emma for details.

Please note: All boats within the marina must hold a valid Boat Safety Certificate and Insurance at all times, regardless of whether a BW license is held at that time. All information given is in good faith. Newbury Boat Company Ltd can not be held responsible for any changes in licensing requirements.


All moorings & parking subject to the British Marine Federation / Yacht Harbour Association Standard Berthing License Terms and Conditions